Mobilising capital for a new African investment paradigm

Vision & Mission

Orango advises on unlocking Africa’s capital markets and combining it with its unique ability to identify and structure transformational deals leading to social economic impact and sustainability for Africa.Orango has a key partnership with AfroChampions, the non-profit organisation which mobilises private sector involvement to help give rise to African private sector economic champions, in order to capture the Trillion Dollar framework opportunity endorsed by the African Union in light of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA).

Our Vision

To be the strategic instrument through which the full potential of Africa is realised, by supporting industry-leading platforms (with a focus on environmental and social sustainability) while driving risk-adjusted investor returns.

Our Mission


Transforming industries and pioneering African champions

To transform Africa into an industrial and technology frontrunner by supporting businesses that create new African economic champions, taking the continent from potential to prosperity.


Enabling the private sector to leverage and contribute to pan-African initiatives

To enable the private sector to take advantage of initiatives such as the AfCFTA and accelerate the creation of regional economic clusters – focusing on identifying and scaling promising private and public opportunities across industries and sectors that leverage Africa’s interconnectedness and that can unlock economic multipliers.


Fostering new and unique public private partnerships

To forge innovative partnerships between the private and public sectors and orchestrate an ecosystem of emerging MNCs and SMEs. We will partner broadly to source global expertise, hone Africa’s talent pool and put together the best transactions for the benefit of our stakeholders, our partners and our community.


Unlocking sustainable social and environmental value

To support platforms that drive resource productivity and help maintain environmental and social balance. We will adhere to global best practices in ethics, transparency and corporate citizenry in order to achieve the goals set out by our vision and our commitments to our community.