Orango is an investment structuring platform that acts as a hybrid between an investment market-maker and Private Equity business – blending investment management and advisory services with public-private partnerships – offering Advisory, Asset Management Structures and Sustainable Investment Transactions.

A New Paradigm in Sustainable Investment

Move the private sector to the centre of the investment agenda to unlock Africa’s growth in a sustainable manner.

Our three pillars



Custom deal origination, structuring and market development – through our extensive track record in capital raising, deal structuring and sustainable investment, as well as our advisory in capital market development and financial instrument design, with the aim to make the investment market work for Africa.

  • Extensive local and global decision-maker network and deep access to African public and private sector leaders
  • Extensive track record of capital raising and deal structuring
  • Deep expertise in unlocking local and global capital markets for value creation



Bringing together private sector capital and helping to monetise public sector assets, to strengthen and unlock Africa’s capital market and help entities scale up.

  • Concentrating Africa’s capital to leverage local, regional and global capital markets – to make them work optimally for the continent.
  • Pooling the capital and expertise of private sector African shareholders for critical mass, as well as to scale up to take advantage of initiatives such as the development of the largest single market.



Delivering sustainability in action, transformational impact and the large deals and appropriate pipeline necessary to answer stakeholders’ requirements, through our strong network, influence and support from public and private enterprises.

  • Taking action through authentic, integrated sustainable/green investments for social and economic value
  • Pipeline of investable assets of appropriate size
  • Transformational impact
  • Venture development and talent